Mou Boots: Redefining Fashion

Few brands have mastered the art of finding spaces right within the customers’ hearts so well as Mou. With authentic, hand-crafted boots, Mou has been redefining fashion for years now. What really makes these boots so unique and how do they craft them so intricately? Read on to know more!

Its all about originality

If there’s one thing that’s most important when it comes to fashion, it has to be originality, in the real sense of the world. Innovation has been the driving force behind Mou, which creates original designs to suit all occasions and seasons.

Sported by celebs 

Mou has been the go-to choice for celebrities and stars as well, who’ve sported the boots on multiple occasions. Be it Gwyneth Paltrow or Cameron Diaz, Mou has always been the first choice of stars. The celebs vouch for the quality and style. Now, that’s what you call a style statement!

Hand-crafted to perfection 

There’s something unique about hand-crafted products. They’re very authentic and organic, with a charm and character of their own, so hard to attain by machined products. Mou has been using the traditional techniques of hand-crafting boots to enhance the beauty of natural leather manifold.

Nature inspired design

The word ‘Mou’ says it all: soft to the touch. No wonder Mou boots are soft as a feather, then. Crafted with the best natural fibres, the boots feel warm, soft, and durable. In fact, Mou boots have been most loved by fans for one simple reason: they offer a unique feeling of becoming one with nature!

Built to last

Like a great pal, the boots are carefully engineered to last a lifetime. Eco-friendly manufacturing techniques are prioritised and the entire design is built to last long with sturdy soles and most importantly, the master’s touch!

Fashion at its very best 

Mou boots are styled with a major focus on comfort. Sporting a unique rugged look like no other, the boots, like you, have a distinct maverick character. Amongst the most popular designs are calfskin slipper, antelope cowboy boot, eskimo, goatskin nanuk, and blizzard.

Boots for everyone

Anyone can shine with an eclectic charm with the Mou boots that come in various designs for women, men, and children. While Ankle boots, Tall boots, Mid boots, Sneakers, and Slippers are amongst all-time women’s favourites, men have adored the Mid boots, Sneakers, and Slippers.

Wear everywhere!

Mou boots can be worn in a variety of weather conditions and are extremely durable by design. The boots can even withstand light rains and snow, so you’re good to pack your feet in and glide along! Just make sure to brush off that clinging snow that loves your boot as much as you do.

Easy to care for

You love your Mou boots dearly. There’s one more thing you need to do to ensure they last long: maintain your boots well! Boots made from Goatskin, Calfskin, and Antelope leather are best-treated with a bristle comb. In case you get your beloved boots dirty, treat them gently with a mild shampoo and some warm water. Wipe and rinse before you towel dry.

Boots made from wool love a caress by a damp sponge, soap, and lukewarm water while Sheepskin boots are best maintained with a gentle brush. Possum fur boots are more forgiving though, for you could use a gentle machine wash in lukewarm water.

Putting strings together

Fallen in love with Mou boots? They’re so adorable, after all! With a truly authentic character that’s as organic as the natural fibres that go into making the boots, these are the ultimate way to make a statement, every time.

Boots, that take you back to nature, instantly. Boots, that are hand-crafted with attention to the minutest details. Boots, that redefine fashion.

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