Best Places to Visit Around Lisbon With Car Rental In Lisbon Airport

Lisbon is one of the most visited destinations in Western Europe. The city is famous around the world for its historic monuments, vibrant nightlife, and beautiful climate. Numerous activities and events are organised throughout the year, which draw visitors from far and wide.

A car rental in Lisbon airport is a great way to explore the best places around the city. This is ideal for exploring places in and around Lisbon, which we list for you below.

Must-See places in and near Lisbon

With a car rental in Lisbon airport, the opportunities to explore the city are literally endless. You could begin with an experience of the nightlife of Barrio Alto located towards the west. This is a colourful warren comprising of stylistic bars and live music venues where you could revel in the magic of Fado, which is a characteristic Portuguese melancholic song accompanied by the tunes of mandolins and guitars.

Equally famous are the sandy beaches of Lisbon. One could also drive to the coastline of exotic sandy beaches close to Lisbon, which are a favourite amongst families. A car rental in Lisbon airport is an ideal choice for visiting the coastline in a convenient and hassle-free manner. The beaches are suited as both pleasure resorts for families and surfing hotspots for adventure lovers.

A visit to the city viewpoints is a must when you visit Lisbon. Each viewpoint showcases a different aspect of the city- from the Alfama district’s jumbled tiled rooftops to the river Tejo’s cooling waters or Baixa’s organised streets and paths- each view has a charm of its own! Rent a car from the Lisbon airport to get to these viewpoints.

If you fancy a quiet stroll amongst the ancient streets then Alfama is the right choice for you. This is Lisbon’s ancient district and is a network of narrow streets and winding paths from the Tejo estuary right up to the castle.

The Ponte 25 de Abril Suspension Bridge is constructed over the river Tejo where it flows at its narrowest. The bridge connects Lisbon, located on the north bank with the districts of Almada on the south. The bridge derives its name from the revolution of Portugal.

The Lisbon Cathedral is a historic gothic cathedral which traces its origins to the 12th century and is the city’s oldest Church. The cathedral can be reached from the airport through a comfortable car rental.

The Tower of Belem is a landmark site. Once an important fortification that guarded the city at the mouth of the Tagus river, this structure served as the first sight of Portugal for the returning Portuguese sailors. Today, the tower stands as the icon of Lisbon.



After a long day of sightseeing in the city, you could enjoy a glass of Ginjinha, a famous sweet alcoholic drink, which is made from cherries and is served with cherries too! Lisbon, indeed, is one of Portugal’s most beautiful cities and charms visitors from across the world with its rich culture and heritage. A car rental in Lisbon airport is one of the best ways to explore the city at your own pace.

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