Best Places to Invest in Turnkey Rental Homes 

Turnkey rental homes are the norm. These properties have taken the world by storm and are the go-to choice for buyers the world over. What really makes them so popular and what are the best places for investing in rental homes? If armchair investments are what you’re looking for in real-estate, these properties are your best bet. Read on to know more!

What really are turnkey rental homes?

A turnkey rental home is a ready to move in home that usually has a tenant as well as functional property management mechanisms that make them ideal for income generation from day one. You do not need to find a tenant, an agent or a contractor with turnkey rental home investing!

All you need is to let a professional team manage everything for you while you sit back and enjoy the returns. This is, without doubt, the most convenient way to invest and obtain returns.

The turnkey rental homes investing trends

We’ve chosen some of the best places that are most suited for investments in turnkey rental homes. Here they are:

1.  Las Vegas

  • Who wouldn’t like to invest in a turnkey rental property in one of the world’s best places to invest in real-estate?
  • Las Vegas doesn’t require you to be a resident of the resort city to be able to invest, which makes it an attractive option to consider!

    2.  Seattle
  • Though real estate rental properties in the seaport city might be quite expensive, it makes great sense to invest in turnkey rental homes since they result in a steady and quick cash-flow.
  • Such properties free you from the hassles of finding renters and property managers. All you need to do is to conduct your research on the seller, that’s it. The property truly functions as a cash flow machine.

    3.  Orlando, Florida
  • Florida is amongst the favourite haunts of many Fortune 500 companies who seek to invest in the region. Orlando, owing to its location in central Florida is one of the fastest growing cities in the world.
  • Buy-to-let homes in Orlando make a great armchair investment in the real sense.
  • Many organisations also offer rental guarantees on units with complete property management by a professional team.

    4.  Atlanta
  • Atlanta is a popular choice for investors. Ranked as the #1 rental market by the Forbes magazine, the capital city boasts several options for investors looking out for turnkey rental homes.
  • The major turnkey rental properties in Atlanta are characterised by high-end touchups and are located in prime neighbourhoods.

    5.  Chicago  
  • Passive investors have been seeking multi-unit as well as single-family properties that yield more cash-flow than the average values.
  • Many Chicago neighbourhoods have had their homes renovated and professionally managed.
  • Investments in real-estate markets in the city in other markets have had significantly lower returns than turnkey rental home investments.

Putting Strings Together

Turnkey rental homes are characterised by having everything from property rehab to finding a tenant professionally managed by a team. Investing in turnkey rental properties is thus an ideal choice for you can simply reap the interests without having to worry about spending your time and energy in setting things up yourself.

Cities like Las Vegas, Seattle, Orlando, Atlanta, and Chicago are ideal for turnkey rental home investing. The world is fast catching up with the trend- do not be left behind!